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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jess_4Ds, Jan 22, 2017.

By Jess_4Ds on Jan 22, 2017 at 11:48 AM
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    Hello everyone! I have some bad news. This has been an amazing journey with some amazing people. You all did an amazing job and I appreciate everything you have done. Unfortunately we just have not been able to maintain a player base and Team and I have decided that it isn't paying off so as of the 28th naturaliscraft will be closing.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jess_4Ds, Jan 22, 2017.

    1. Dem0Gorgon
      a day after klutch is online? yeah ok.
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    2. Interdesirename
      What the fuck jess I'm pissed
      this was going to be a home for me.
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    3. Peero
      What about all the people who donate and stuff? Money down the drain? And look, I know you don't want to shut the server down, but can you give us some more information? You just came out of the blue, said the server is shutting down, then left. You can't just leave us hanging like this.
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    4. Miniarch - Alex
      Miniarch - Alex
      Umm jess can you explain what is going on? will the server be shutting down for good or just for a break? help us out. a lot of us, like ninja, chopper even yourself have put in alot of time and effort and a lot of people have donated because they love the server and the people on it. can you explain whats going on a little more? and will there be a new server suggested if we want to stay in touch with everyone?
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    5. RushRapids
      No big deal :)

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    6. Dem0Gorgon
      well thanks for replying to us. hope meep likes the skyblock and I'm guessing hub you are giving them
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