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    Hey guys, so as some of you may or may not know I am a pretty decent designer. I've made several websites (reddit / tumblr themes included) and I always manage to "keep it fresh". So I've decided to open this small signature shoppe right here on natualiscraft.com. Basically you just tell me some simple details and you will add it up, like a shopping cart. So with no further ado:


    Format - Copy/paste this as a reply to this thread or in a direct message to me:

    I want my name to be included: (yes/no) // 50 Jess Bucks
    I want my rank(s) to be included: (yes/no) // 50 Jess Bucks
    I want a cool image of something: (yes/no) // 25 Jess Bucks
    I want this image to be something that you create based off of: _______ // 75 Jess Bucks
    I want this image to be: (image URL or name of image) // 75 Jess Bucks​
    I want this/these colour(s) to be included: (colour name or hexadecimal code) // 25 Jess Bucks
    I want my MineCraft avatar to be included: (yes/no) // 100 Jess Bucks
    If yes, how would you like it to be displayed?: (as an animation, a pixel, etc)​
    I want it to be this size: (large, medium, small) // 75 Jess Bucks, 50 Jess Bucks, 25 Jess Bucks
    I want this font: (font name) // 50 Jess Bucks
    I want other typed information: (yes/no)
    If yes, what is it: (list the other information here) // 50 Jess Bucks​
    I want something that you haven't listed here: (yes/no)
    If yes, what is it: (list the other information here) // Price will be pending on complexity.​


    So basically your signature can be as basic as a valley girl or as busy as a bee! It's totally up to you! All requests will be completed within 5 business days unless there is something else going on in my life. I am taking time out of my school and work schedule to do this so that is why the prices are what they are. If you are not satisfied with your signature then you have 1 week to notify me so I can adjust it or refund you. If you take the signature and modify it as your own please let me know so I don't have to investigate you for stealing my work! Prices can be modified at any time based on economy changes etc. You do not have to worry about your price changing once you have placed an order.

    ~~~ Limited Time Discount Offer ~~~
    Hopefully this will be fun for you and for me. To build my portfolio I will be giving the first requester a free signature, and the next five requesters will have a 75% discounted signature. Just use the word: "JuneSig" anywhere in your order and you will be given this opportunity.

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    tl;dr i make signatures
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    Great thinking, i just have to get one. I just don't know what, think i would want my name rank avatar, possibly animated but pixel is fine. An image would be cool i just don't know what of! Font and colour i will begin to experiment with and keep you updated! If i think of something else i will message you, but this is a great idea!
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    Good Eeveening I've come to ask you if there are any ways you could make some TEST ones to show us? I knows its really farfetch'd to ask but maybe you could also raise your prices c:

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