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   Towny is the core of Naturalis Craft. It is where you will experience your most decadent journeys. You can build your town from the ground up and grow it into a metropolis which all others will revere. And when your time has come, you can found a nation and initiate an alliance spanning across all ends of the server. However, there will be those who challenge your might. Wars will break out in which you must show the true ability of your empire. Eventually times of peace will again rise, hopefully in which your empire stands as a victor.


   Important info:



   Do you need resources? Find any resource you need at /warp wild. Remember that wild is griefable so your best bet is to use wild solely for gathering resources and find a town to live in and store items. Find anything from diamonds to spawners here.


   Important Info:

  • Anything you build in wild is LEGALLY GRIEFABLE

  • You may use silk touch to mine spawners

  • PvP is enabled here



   If you need assistance in game you can file a ticket. Anything ranging from a question to a theft report, a staff member will be notified and help  you momentarily.


   Important Info:

  • Run {/ticket} in game to file a ticket.



   McMMO is a plugin that allows players to receive certain bonuses when partaking in everyday minecraft tasks. For example, as a player mines, his level will increase. The higher the level of the player, the more bonuses the player receives. McMMO allows these types of bonuses for many tasks different and alike.


   Important Info:



Auction House

   If you need a quick and easy way to advertise and sell your items to other players then Auction House is it. Just open the GUI in game and put up any items you’d like at the prices of your choice!


   Important Info:

  • Run {/ah} in game to get the auction house GUI


Chest Shops

   Chest shops will allow you to create your very own shopping centers in town. All you need to do is slap a sign on a chest write some stuff and watch as the magic unfolds. You can buy/sell any item at any price and all players need to do is click. It’s as easy as that to make money here on Naturalis!


   Important Info:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcFd2gbCrik



   You can join a job to earn in game money. Jobs on Naturalis are a variance of everyday tasks. Most players will already be partaking in these tasks.. But now as a bonus you get paid!


   Important Info:

  • Run {/jobs help} in game for a guide!

  • Per each in-game rank that you increase you are allowed to join another job!

  • Jobs are:














   Ever wondered how it feels to gamble? Find out at Naturalis Craft’s very own casino! You can bet on slots with values ranging from $10 all the way up to $1,000,000. Think you can get rich? Try it out!


   Important Info:

  • Run {/warp nccasino} in game to get there!



   Naturalis Craft features three lotteries that players can participate in. Each lottery lasts for a different amount of time (hour, day, or week) and all start with different amounts in the pot. Is your ticket the lucky winner?


   Important Info:

  • Run {/lottery help} in game for lottery instructions!

  • The hourly lotto starts at $5000 and costs $50 per ticket bought

  • The daily lotto starts at $25,000 and costs $250 per ticket bought

  • The weekly lotto starts at $100,000 and costs $1000 per ticket bought


Personal Warps

   Create your own personal player warp! Have you ever wanted to open a shop or show off your builds but had no easy mode of transportation? Now you can set warps for players to teleport to any location of your choosing for only $10,000!


   Important Info:

        Run {/warps} in game for the warp menu and instructions!


Armor-Stand Tools

   ASTools allows players to arrange armor stands in almost every way imaginable.


   Important Info:

  • Run {/astools} in game to toggle your tools

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpnL0vFps8s



   Create your very own elevator. Simply craft some elevator blocks with some wool and an ender pearl, place one above the other and then use your jump and sneak keys to move up and down respectively!


   Important Info:

   Different colors of elevator are independent of each other. This means you could have a set of orange elevators between a set of white elevators and you would not be able to travel from one colour to the other, only to the same. There must be at least 3 blocks in between your bottom elevator block and your top elevator block!



   Each rank on Naturalis Craft has access to certain pets! The number of pets you can own is dependent on your rank. The higher the rank, the more pets you can have.


   Important Info:

  • Run {/Pet help} in game for the pet menu!



   Ever get bored of Towny and need some other way to blow off your steam? Well don’t leave the server just yet because…  you can play any of the minigames from Naturalis Craft’s selection!


   Coming soon:

  • Swoop Force

  • Tnt Run

  • Blasto

  • Skywars



   Seed (Default):

  • 5 homes

  • Pet Chicken

  • Hide Pet

  • Show Pet

  • /recipe

  • /compass

  • /depth


    Stone (1 hour):

  • 10 homes

  • /back

  • Pet Pig

  • /chest 1


    Coal (10 hours):

  • 15 homes

  • /craft

  • Pet sheep


    Quartz (50 hours):

  • 20 homes

  • /ci

  • Pet Cow

  • /chest 2


    Iron (100 hours):

  • 25 homes

  • /ptime

  • Pet Spider


    Lapis (250 hours):

  • 30 homes

  • /heal every 30 minutes

  • Pet Cave Spider

  • /chest 3


    Redstone (500 hours):

  • 35 homes

  • /heal every 20 minutes

  • /echest

  • Pet Skeleton


    Gold (1000 hours):

  • 40 homes

  • /feed every 30 minutes

  • /heal every 15 minutes

  • /repair every 48 hours

  • Pet Zombie

  • /chest 4


    Emerald (1500 hours):

  • 45 homes

  • /feed every 15 minutes

  • /heal every 10 minutes

  • /repair every 24 hours

  • /jumpto

  • Pet Creeper


    Diamond (2000 hours)

  • 50 homes

  • /feed every 5 minutes

  • /heal every 5 minutes

  • /repair every 12 hours

  • Pet horse

  • /fly

  • /chest 5


Donator Ranks

   Ghast ($10 USD):

  • /hat

  • Pet bat

  • Pet Pig Zombie

  • Pet Silverfish

  • Pet Ghast

  • Chicken Disguise

  • Ghast Disguise

  • Spider Disguise

  • Cave Spider Disguise

  • Cow Disguise

  • Pig Disguise

  • Saddled Pig Disguise

  • Sheep Disguise

  • Colored Sheep Disguise

  • Undisguise

  • Baby disguises of all your disguises

  • /slap 1

  • /slap 2


    Guardian ($20 USD):

  • Pet Blaze

  • Pet Mushroom Cow

  • Pet Slime

  • Pet Call

  • Guardian Disguise

  • Blaze Disguise

  • Enderman Disguise

  • Silverfish Disguise

  • Pig-Zombie Disguise

  • Bat Disguise

  • Enderman Disguise can hold a block

  • Elder Guardian Disguise

  • /slap 3

  • /slap 4

  • Colored Message


    Shulker ($40 USD):

  • Pet Enderman

  • Pet Human

  • Pet Wolf

  • Pet Rabbit

  • Pet Hat

  • Shulker Disguise

  • Rabbit Disguise

  • Magma Cube Disguise

  • Creeper Disguise

  • Skeleton Disguise

  • Zombie Disguise

  • Rabbit type Disguises

  • Powered Creeper Disguises

  • Giant Magma Cube Disguise

  • Stray Disguise

  • Giant Slime Disguise

  • Husk Disguise

  • Infected Zombie Disguise

  • /slap 5

  • /slap 6

  • Format message


    Wither ($80 USD):

  • /nick

  • Magma Cube Pet

  • Ocelot Pet

  • Villager Pet

  • Wither Pet

  • Guardian Pet

  • Name your pet

  • Villager disguise

  • Endermite Disguise

  • Ocelot Disguise

  • Horse Disguise

  • Slime Disguise

  • Squid Disguise

  • Wither Disguise

  • Wither Boss Disguise

  • Pick your villager profession Disguise

  • Pick your horse disguise

  • Pick your ocelot disguise

  • /slap 7

  • /slap 8


Dragon ($100 USD):

  • Colored chat

  • Colored Nickname

  • Pet iron golem

  • Pet Squid

  • Pet witch

  • Pet enderdragon

  • Pet polarbear

  • Pet ride

  • Armor Stand Disguise

  • Boat Disguise

  • Ender-crystal Disguise

  • Falling-block disguise

  • Item disguises

  • Minecart Disguise

  • Enderdragon disguise

  • Polar Bear disguise

  • Witch disguise

  • Iron Golem disguise

  • Giant disguise

  • Mushroom cow disguise

  • Wolf disguise

  • Disguise as all objects

  • Change wolf collar color with disguises

  • Tamed wolf disguise

  • Angry wolf disguise

  • /slap 9

  • /slap 10    



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