NaturalisCraft Rules



These rules apply to all aspects of NaturalisCraft; Teamspeak, Forums, and in-Game


  1. Be respectful of all other players and staff!

  2. No drug or sex references, and no hate language!

  3. No caps evading!

  4. No advertising other servers!

  5. No spamming! This includes one word sentences, repeated characters, numbers, or letters, inciting spam, useless text, etc.

  6. No harassment! If a player or staff ask you to stop please do so!

  7. No offensive skins or user names!

  8. No slandering!

  9. No scamming any player for any reason!

  10. No luring!

  11. No pvp logging!

  12. No ladder camping!

  13. Any anti-afk machines or auto joiners will get your player data wiped due to our ranking system!


Failure to follow the rules listed can result in punishment ranging from temporary to permanent bans on server-related platforms




  1. No griefing! If it is not yours or you do not have permission to touch it, leave it alone!

  2. If a player refuses to leave your plot, you may toggle PvP after you have warned them three times with 15 second intervals. Failure to do so means you are breaking the rules!

  3. All server rules apply to your town unless posted otherwise at your town spawn!

  4. Residents must receive a 5 day warning before being kicked from your town unless they have broken a server rule and have been banned for more than 3 days.

  5. Purposely letting your town fall, i.e. withdrawing all the money from the town bank, is not allowed! A 7 day warning must be given to all residents if you plan to let your town fall.

  6. Once a resident has bought a plot in your town it is theirs to have! If you want to evict them, you must give them a 5 day warning or wait until they have been banned for at least 3 days.

  7. Do not trespass! If a player asks you to leave their property you must go.

  8. Once a resident has purchased or claimed a plot in your town you can not change the plot type without their permission.

  9. You may not build within 5 plots of another town without their permission unless it is for raiding purposes, which it must then be unclaimed within 24 hours of claiming the plot/plots!

  10. No building on more than 2 sides of any town. This is to allow other towns to continue growth and expansion.




  1. No griefing! If it is not yours or you do not have permission to touch it, leave it alone!

  2. No scamming! If you agree to a something, follow through on your word!

  3. Restarting your island to obtain free items is prohibited!

  4. You must issue a warning of 5 days before removing an island member! If they have been inactive for over 10 days you may kick without warning.




  1. Any form of hacking is against the rules! This includes but is not limited to X-Ray, Duping, Macro Use, Auto Clickers and PvP Hacks.

  2. If you find a glitch or bug please report it. Abusing or exploiting a bug or glitch is against the rules.

  3. Using alts to generate easy money is not allowed. Stacking teams in minigames, completing parkours using alts, and using alts to win games are all examples and are not allowed.

  4. Any mods that change your gameplay to allow unfair advantages over other players are not allowed. If you are unsure about a mod please ask a staff member.









For a list and info on all towny commands please go to:


Chat Channels

Naturalis has four in game chat channels; Global, local, town, and  nation.


To join channels:

  • /G = Global; Address the whole server

  • /L = Local; Address players within a 100 block radius of your avatar

  • /tc = town; Address players who are online in your town

  • /nc = nation; Address players who are online in your nation


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