If you are having issues connecting or are being timed out from the server, we are looking into the issue. We have been experiencing some technical issues over the last 24 hours and are looking into a solution. An update will be posted when everything is resolved.

In the meantime please be patient with us and enjoy the server the best you can. Please keep in mind that this is the servers second week open to the public and we are currently in alpha testing. Hence issues are to be expected. If you experience any bugs or believe something should be changed please make a thread in the areas below.

Report a Bug:

Thank You,
The Naturalis Staff Team
So we were able to get the server advertised today. Lets be welcoming and helpful to all our new players. Hope they stick around and help us grow!

Also voting has been set up. Just do /vote in game to receive 1k per site. There is also a chance at 5k and 10k. All votes are appreciated as they also help grow our server.

I am super excited to be taking this journey with all of you and am thankful you are all here to help naturalis grow into a great server.
We are happy to Announce, that NaturalisCraft is Officially Open to the players!

We are in Alpha testing, Please report any bugs to the staff team!

To get ingame. Version 1.10.2

Our Teamspeak