We have a new shop plugin, do /shop in game for directions

Warp shop in towny has been redone, check it out!

Jobs are now in survival, so join your jobs today!

Just wanted to announce that the Architect position is seeking new members and an application format will be posted below. Please copy and paste the text below into a new thread, then follow the criteria and complete the form to be reviewed for the position.

Good luck,

Architect Application



How many hours do you play a week?

Do you have a slack/trello account?

List any past experiences you had with building on a server:


Why should you be an architect, and why would you be a unique addition to the team?

If you were to lead a project, how would you go about leading and organizing the project efficiently?

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a builder?

Do you have any experience with world edit or voxel?

Submit photos of builds:
(give at least 10 builds: Interior, included).


Unfortunately due to crashing and other unforseeable issues we had to reset jobs and mcmmo in towny! Sorry for the inconvenience but good news is that the issue is resolved!

We also removed lottery at this time!


Elevators are now added to survival!
We will be adding a centralized shop for player shops in survival in the near future to make a warp for easy access to player shops!

Ranks will soon be combined and you will have one rank across all servers! You will have your top rank so if you are redstone in towny but only iron in skyblock then you will have redstone everywhere!
Today we are happy to announce that SkyBlock is now open to play!

Take to the sky with your friends and create your own island! This gamemode includes numerous challenges that advance you through the game! Although it may be challenging at times, it is loads of fun! To create your own island simply run the command /is and you are ready to go! As always if you need any help file a ticket (/ticket) and a staff member will quickly assist you!

Please take the time to review these rules specific to SkyBlock:

  1. No griefing! If it is not yours or you do not have permission to touch it, leave it alone!
  2. No scamming! If you agree to a something, follow through on your word!
  3. Restarting your island to obtain free items is prohibited!
  4. You must issue a warning of 5 days before removing an island member! If they have been inactive for over 10 days you may kick without warning.
Please note that ranks in SkyBlock are separate from Towny and Creative. Information on the time needed to rank and the perks each rank include will be posted here shortly:

With Gratitude,
The Naturalis Staff Team
We are back up! Enjoy!


This is to inform you that the Minecraft Servers will be undergoing maintenance tomorrow, August 29th, from 2PM to 5PM EST. The maintenance will switch us to a better host and stop the random disconnections, and generally bad gameplay.

Please note that this will not effect the forums and Teamspeak.

We appreciate your patience,
The Naturalis Staff Team.
Maintenance Complete! If you find any bugs on the forum please reply here! Thank you for your patience and cooperation!


This is to inform you that the forums will be undergoing scheduled maintence today, August 26th, from 10PM EST to 12 EST.

Please note that this will not effect the Minecraft or TeamSpeak servers.

We appreciate your patience,
The Naturalis Staff Team.
Hey there again!

Today we are excited to announce that Creative is now available to play! After countless hours of work by our tech, TeaMRisk! Big thank you to him!

Switching between servers is simple and easy! Either go through the portals in the spawn area or run the command /servers! Once you are in Creative to claim a plot you are standing on do /plot claim. To automatically claim the nearest plot to spawn do /plot auto. Whenever you wish to return back to your plot just do /plot home! For more advanced commands do /plot help! If you have any further questions either file a ticket in game (/ticket) or just simply message a staff member!

Rank information, for creative, will be coming soon on the forums.

Thank You,
The Naturalis Staff Team
Due to all the issues with this host we will be switching hosts in the next couple days. I will let you know when this gets closer as we are just waiting on the new host to get our server ready. We will have to close the server for a short time to transfer everything. Hopefully this host is the host we can stick with. They have great reviews so that is a plus.
We had to disable the explorer job as it is causing too many server issues. It puts too much stress on the server and causes issues. Sorry everyone but we have to do what is best for the server. Thank you for your understanding.

I am happy to announce that our Tech, Team, has finished troubleshooting the connection issues! Everything is back to normal and we should not experience anymore server crashes, disconnections or unexpected lag.

NOTICE: Due to the excessive amounts of crashing on the server today the Jobs data was corrupted. As a result we had to revert back to files from two days ago, Wednesday. Your progress in Jobs will be slightly rolled back. This was the alternate option to completely resetting all jobs progress.

As always, if you have any suggestions, or, find a bug in the server please report it in the support section of the forums. We appreciate your patience as we guide the server through its Alpha phase.

Thank you,
The Naturalis Staff Team.